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The purpose of this site is to interact with other TX750 owners, to pool their resources and information so that these great and rare twins can be kept alive...

What's New?

It is with GREAT relief that I introduce Justin. The first person to notify me that he has downloaded all the content from this site and reassembled it into a forum. He is making everything more easily available to you all, And I sure hope you thank him for it. I've met some of you via this board, and 5 years ago my life took a strange turn, and I had to abandon my passion for these motorcycles. I did not want to abandon you all though, so I have left this information up on the web, for someone to take and expand. Justin has picked up the guantlet and is off and running - Please, community, engage him and the rest of the TX lovers like yourself at his NEW site here: Yamaha TX750 Forum.!

Thank you for the fun I've had managing this website which I inherited from Roger Cole, and the fun I had with my 2 TX750's while it lasted. I have a special shout-out to Harry Moses for just being an awesome guy and a TX die-hard. Please continue to take care of each other, I'll remain a fan and I'll stop in occasionally at Justin's new site. I hope you take your interest there also.

This site is NO LONGER being actively developed (since 2009). EVERYTHING I KNOW is already here, if you can't find it, I can't help you. Read below for more information....

More on this site and it's future.
For those of you interested in maintaining this site for the future, you may download it in ZIP format here free of charge. There is not design attached to this zip file so you'll have to figure it out and design your own. Go forth and proliferate. Make yours the best, because there may be others out there with more information - I'm just putting the whole thing into cyberspace to grow as big as it will. GOOD LUCK! For those of you who'd rather surf the web than maintain it, I'll be making a PDF of the current site as I get time, and will post that for your downloading (and archiving) pleasure at my earliest convenience. You'll be able to find that right here since this site will be available at this address for several months to come.

Me and the TX's.
Spring is coming in the little hamlet in Wisconsin where I reside. I'm ready to ride once the slippery junk gets off the road, but this year, sorry to say, it won't be a Yamaha TX750. The year I had last year, and the year I'm looking forward to is a blessing to say the least, for me and for you. So, first order of business. I'd like to pass this site on to someone who can handle it, and is passionate about keeping this information available to the world of TX'ers. I'd like to ZIP 'er up and email the whole site to you to press on and proliferate (as was basically done for me by Roger Cole) If you're up for it, Contact Me. The conversion part is sold.

Also, as a result of my decision to pass on the site, please keep your eyes out on eBay or optionally eBay for a 1973 (no-title parts bike COMPLETE), and 1974 basket case TX. I have some Keyster Carb rebuild kits around here too - I'll have to find those before I can pass them along. In my box of TX parts to be sure.

OK. I know you've all still been riding around on your TX750s. At least you better have been. I still receive many emails asking what's up with me and the site. Well, here's the deal: in January 2008 I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Specifically, Oligoastrocytoma - which is basically the thing that John Travolta's character had in the movie "Phenomenon." Unfortunately I have a weight restriction post-surgery that won't really allow me to follow through on many of the plans that I had for Project Blackshoes. It also means that I haven't been able to update any of my websites much at all this year. No, I could never move things with my brain that I'm aware of, or decipher encrypted messages. Though I think that would have been cool. I can transpose (reverse) a 7 digit number in my head, try it sometime, it ain't easy. Start with three digits with a friend. I still can't do those other things, which is too bad, 'cause it would make working on the old Yamaha that much easier. It would have been nice to get a little genius out of it too, but instead, I'm just a guy who can't do a whole heck of a lot right now. I'm alive and well, and very happy and contented with that.

It's been a long time.
Hi all, it has been a long time. The good news is that I still have ol' blackshoes, the bad news is that I went over to the dark side this spring and got myself a Harley. Am I done with the TX you ask? To my girlfriend's chagrin, nope. but I think I might get a little more creative with it.

TXIKI - help me grow the site.
Okay - spring fever is setting in for more people than me. Not quite here yet in my area of the world, but next week it promises to be in the 50 degree range. My '73 is leaking all over the garage floor and that tells me it wants to get out. Not until I find the leak though.

The NEWEST news is that I'm putting a WIKI up on the site. I clearly need help updating the world with new information. That's where you come in. Our new WIKI will be called TXIKI - pronounced "Chickie." I'll put some basic category links up and you all can have at adding pages/information about our favorite motorcycles. Please keep it on topic eh? Follow me to get started. The part I'm looking most forward to is having owners tell their stories here. Go to the owners section and add a link using your name, follow it, hit edit and create your own page.

New TX750 Garage, Last conversion kit sold, more...
I'm back - December and the beginning of January was busy - as always. I got a garage for the TX - partly overkill (if it's only for the bike) and partly underkill if I put a car and a trailer in there. May last couple of months have been spent outfitting the garage with a work table, cleaning up - that kind of stuff. It's turning out to be a whole new project in itself. I bought a trailer hitch for my car so I could haul sheetrock and shingles and stuff to the garage - there goes the $ for motorcycle parts. The price of paint went way up around the turn of the year. Almost doubled. should have painted the bike last year - hindsight and all that.

Not much of a leader lately, sorry.
Summer got in the way! I rode the TX quite a bit this summer. I've uncovered a whole slew of issues that I wasn't expecting and started to fret a whole summer was going to go by without resolving any issues. Well lately I've been getting emails wondering where the site updates were. Here they are. I've sold all but one of the oil filter conversion parts that I had made. This was my break-even part so buy it from me if you need it. I'm in the process of buying a garage to work on all my projects, the offer is accepted, just need to sign all the paperwork. There'll be a new face of the TX750 garage in the near future. Lately I've had a bunch of TX stuff come through that needs to get up on the site - I'll do that after I get some more paperwork together for the TX garage - first things first. In the meantime, I hope you're all winterized (if you have to do that where you live) and check back for more soon.

Parts are here.
The oil filter adapter parts are here a week early, and they're beautiful. I feel like I want to have other parts machined just because they look so great! If you ordered a part and haven't sent your payment in yet, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you! If you HAVE sent in your payment, order your oil filter so you're ready to install the part as soon as it arrives! Don't forget to get some oil too.

Work continues.
Memorial Day weekend was ridiculously hot here, so there was no way I was going to try to paint or turn wrenches outside for any period of time. So I pulled a couple engine covers from the parts bike and started sanding and shining in the basement where it's nice and cool. Oil filter conversions are ordered, and the machine shop expects me to have them by June 26th. If you ordered one, don't forget to send your check. I ordered a few extra - if you think you missed the boat, don't fear, but contact me ASAP to reserve yours. First come first served. I've got plans on doing more to the bike this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some updates to the blackshoes page, and maybe some pictures - I'm starting to find the tools I need (that I've lost) to get the job done. Happy summer!

The Oil Filter Adapter has been ordered.
I've ordered a couple extra, just to be sure we have enough for the people who contacted me. Now the excitement begins for me, waiting for the new parts to arrive! I have high hopes in how these turn out - and I can't wait to see them.

We've got our first EIGHT
I'll be making my one and (probably) only order for the TX750 oil filter conversion parts by the end of this week (May 27th, 2006) that means you have 5 more days to contact me by email to order one and get in on the group rate. Right now they're running at $35 USD per part. Here's how to get a hold of me: toby_folwick@yahoo.com. Don't miss out!

One more for the TX family, or "Getting off my Arse."
I've added one more owner profile, this one from down under. Tom McGuinness is a friend of ours with a 1972 TX in Australia. Check out his story.

New owner profile, and 4 more oil filter conversions available
I've added another owner profile, that of Paul Rogers. Check it out - cool story. I don't know how the people from the Northeast end up with such nice TX's.

We've got 4 people interested in the oil filter conversion part. At some point I'm going to go ahead and order a bunch, so if you want to get them for cost, tell me now. (see post below) All we need is 4 more people to commit and we'll be below $35 a piece which is where we want to be. Your bike wants a fresh oil change, submit to the power of your TX.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been making regular updates to the blackshoes page. In other news, I'm thinking about having the BMW R65 oil filter conversion part machined. To have one machined it's about $165, but if I have 10 made, they're about $35 a piece. I'll have 10 made if there are 9 other people interested in making this conversion to their own rides. If you've been thinking about doing this, and haven't because it's too expensive, now's your chance to get one made through the power of bulk ordering - the more we order at the same time, the cheaper it is for everyone.

send me an email at toby_folwick@yahoo.com and put "TX750 oil filter converter" or something to that effect in the subject line.

More changes to the site, more to come.
Harry Moses was bored, now I'm busy. He kindly went through the site here and suggested a series of changes. I dutifully obliged in many ways, though not all. Bad links are gone, some TX500 stuff is gone, some photo updates, and some new catalog images from France and Germany. Thanks Harry!

He's not the only one I get updates from, and I'm thoughtful of that, so I've got some more to do in the coming days - one of which is a fella from my home state looking for some TX750 fork legs. That listing follows:

Wanted TX750 front fork legs, any condition considered.
Please contact Brad at heiterATintnet.net (please change the AT to @) or call (920) 984-3075
I'm in Wisconsin, USA.

A site, new-to-me is on my radar now too, Mike Mann from down south is doing a "bobber-style" conversion on a good ol' TX750. Stock paint looks a little different; he says it's a '72. Make a visit to his site, and keep him honest with his site updates like you do for me.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen - My hosting provider decided to close it's doors on short notice, hope you didn't miss the site too much. I'm using a different technology than previously used for this site, so some of the features will be temporarily unavailable. The good news is that more "stuff" is available to us for the future when I get all the basic functionality back. Thanks for your patience!

Rally ideas
If you look at the stats for the rally (next post) you'll see that we're somewhere in the southern part of Ohio. Check out the roads that are available for riding there and start thinking about that spring tune-up!

How many people make a rally?
if you have an idea, send me an email via the address at the very bottom of this page.

Happy New Year!
Thanks to Jeremy Matt for a little "fix your site" kick in the pants (it was necessary I assure you) I've updated many of the broken links and made additional updates. If you're using this site and you notice something that isn't working, tell me! The info is yours just as much as mine. I didn't compile all the information on here, so I still refer to it myself when working on/thinking about my bike too. Also, I've got a new little recipe for the 1973 orange paint that's likely cheaper (there are 2 options) and surprisingly accurate color representations. You can find that here. I wish you all a happy riding new year! Who knows, maybe we'll put together a rally this summer!

ADDITIONALLY - I found a website called Benjies Cafe Racer where he was doing something kinda cool with an old TX (see EuroYammy). Unfortunately it seems that the future of this project is in limbo at this point. Fear not, Project Blackshoes is still alive - got my welding certificate, just need to get started on a warm day!

Blackshoe link active
Check it out on the right - and if you're surfing late, haven't done it yet, live in the U.S. and not in Arizona - don't forget to set your clock back for daylight savings time.

I just got back from one of the most exhilarating motorcycle rides of my life. I used to have a sportbike, and it was SUPER fast, but I'll tell you this: NOTHING beats the feeling of riding a bike that you've been waiting to ride for 6 months. And I pushed the ol' TX like I've never pushed a bike - partly because I wasn't scared of what it could do. I was pleasantly surprised. So we're back on track with Project Blackshoes thanks to the kind heads up from Harry Moses (eBay find) and Don Westman who sold me a project TX last week to bring the TX tales Full circle. I've got a bike with a title, a parts bike, and a whole winter to work on it. I'm, for lack of a better word, PUMPED.

In other news - my internet host is located in Miami, please forgive the outage last week, they had a little thing down there.

Something new for you TX750 fans

We're going to try this and see if it's worth continuing. I've created a TX750 forum - not the most advanced piece of software on the planet mind you, but at the request of Steven McKosky I thought I'd give it a shot. Please bear in mind that there may very well be improvements in the upcoming future, but it's worth a shot since I'm far from an expert on these bikes yet. Try it out here.

Also in the works is a classifieds system for bikes and parts or whatever. I'm working on the details of what categories everything should fit into, if you have any suggestions, send me an email at the address on the bottom of this page. Thanks!

8/13/05 - Circumvention.
Here's the deal. I have a line on a titled TX750 frame. That, in conjunction with an engine casing equals a motorcycle with license tags. That's what I'm looking for. So, if I can get those 2 things, I can register the motorcycle as a 1974 (what do I care, really.) and move all the rest of the parts off the bike I currently have as I restore them. For the purists out there, well, I wasn't planning on restoring the bike to original state anyway, and to take it one step further I want to do what a real purist wants to do anyway - Ride.

So, with that said - that's the plan. I'm guessing that I'll know a whole lot more about this motorcycle just from disassembling the whole thing to have a bike that rides - sad though that I'm not going to get to ride this year - but I have high hopes that you'll be impressed when you see what I've done with the bike in the end. In the meantime, I'm going to work on the project black shoes portion of this site - so you can at least see what my plans are. Additionally, I'm working on a couple of pages about project spoon nose - a 1951 plymouth car that I've been working on while frustrated with the bike paperwork. (I'll tell you about why and how I name these projects sometime a little later.)

This site has a group of really positive people visiting it - I'm actually kind of glad to go through this all for you so someone as naive as me may learn from my experience. Thanks to Steven McKosky and Harry Moses for their suggestions and kind words.

(The following is for historical purposes only) ATTENTION:
I've got a 1973 TX750 that I can't ride. Bought it without a title with a promise that once I applied for a new title the previous owner would furnish it to me. The previous owner received the title on May 20th, 2005 and has since disappeared off the face of the planet. This leaves me with 3 options:

  1. Buy a frame with a title, put all the working parts on the frame and register the new frame
  2. Take offers on a complete, running, but non-titled motorcycle
  3. Part it out.

What this means to you: if you have a frame sitting around that has a title and want to sell it, let me know at the email address below. -OR- if you're looking for parts, I've got a complete bike here - for now, I'd consider selling the whole bike as it is - after a short while, I'll consider selling just parts off the bike. I just want to ride the thing or figure out how to get my investment back. I've gotten a suggestion to title it through some place out west - not sure how comfortable I am with that, but I guess that's a whole other option.

Please, if you have any ideas or would like to contact me about any of the above options let me know. In the meantime, I've got a brand new set of brake pads for both the front and the back, a NOS oil filter, a new throttle cable and 2 carb rebuild kits that may come up for sale real soon - send me your name and I'll get back to you.

Tinkerings from Toby
Since I picked up this site from Roger, I've gotten a ton of email. I've also redesigned this site, and will continue to add things. My thoughts and "tinkerings" will reside right here, at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Yamaha Parts Books Online!
Goes back to 1963. If you hit print, it prints out the diagram and part numbers.

Added Homemade Electronic Ignition Link

Was there a "special" model of TX750 available only in Australia?
Check out the NEW mystery page TX750 Mystery Page

Ramblings from Roger - Latest thought's from the site previous webmaster - 03/30/05

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions - 12/06/00

Tinkerings from Toby:

I'm still waiting on the title for the glorious TX that I waited 6 months to get. Now it's 9 months. If you live in a title state, don't buy a motorcycle without a title - even if it's from a friend of a friend. The possessor of the title to my motorcycle has disappeared off the face of the planet. Since I know he'll not register the motorcycle (because he doesn't have it) I suspect that worst case, after a couple years, I can re-title it as an abandoned vehicle, and just put a bond on it to be sure it doesn't get reclaimed. If I decide that I can't store it for a couple years, I may get the itch to part out a perfectly running example of this rare twin for those of you who may just need something to get yours on the road. I don't believe in letting vehicles sit in the garage or the back yard - even if they're rare, or classic or both. More soon!


I've recently acquired a 1973 TX750. It runs, needs a little work, but is driveable. I wanted to make sure that I had the resource that Roger started available for myself and others, so I volunteered to continue the maintenance on the site. I've changed a little of it - primarily the look — added the search functionality, and will continue in the tradition in pretty much maintaining a low frills information site for those who need it (including me!)

I'll be adding a section called the blackshoe project. This is my own project bike - again a running non-cherry TX750 that I'll be changing a bit to suit my tastes, and to get a little experience under the tank. I'm going to post as much about it as I find time for including the what I'm doing to it, parts suppliers I've found and/or used and what one might want to know to restore/renovate his/her own TX750.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you can find something useful!

Toby Folwick

I can be contacted at: toby_folwick@yahoo.com